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Everso English is delighted to announce that it has broadened its Homestay opportunities by the formation of a new and exciting partnership with the English Language Teaching Support Unit (ELTSU) at the University of Winchester.

This partnership builds on a shared desire for the care and wellbeing of students enrolling in English programmes in Winchester. ELTSU offers both winter and summer English Language schools to International Students and we are pleased to be working with them as a Homestay provider. Through our relationship with the team at the ELTSU we are able to offer students a welcoming and enriching Homestay experience, which fully supports the student-centred environment within the University of Winchester.

As an organisation, we believe in immersing students in the British way of life and our Homestay families enjoy both welcoming students into the home environment, as well as helping them explore the culturally rich city of Winchester. This is in support of the cultural excursions offered from ELTSU across the South of England, including London.

Further in meeting the University’s requirements for the high-level of student care, our hosts are selected on the basis of their genuine interest in welcoming students and making them feel at home. Our families enjoy providing the care and comfort that they would to any member of the family.

In support of the teaching covered on the University English Language programmes, we offer a fully-immersive homestay experience, helping students practise their natural, everyday use of English with the whole family.

university of winchesterhttp://www.winchester.ac.uk/eltsu

Our partnership with the University of Winchester

Improve your written and spoken understanding of Britain’s literary past by clicking on your desired author to read about our English Literary Experiences. We have put together day trips that are bursting with the cultural sites and tastes of our English Literary Heritage; focusing on the lives and works of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. 

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