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Our day will begin with a rail journey, transporting us from the green countryside of Winchester to the heart of the capital city; as we disembark at the historic terminal, London Waterloo, to explore the roots of the phenomenon, that has become, Shakespeare.

We will start the experience, with a visit to the world renowned London Eye, where we will travel up to the peak of the 130 metre tall structure, taking in the marvels, architecture and most historical sights of London town, spanning over an astonishing distance of 25 miles. This half an hour ride, enables students to fully appreciate the vibrancy, complexity and the scale of London, as an introduction to our day.

Following this, our tour continues along the lively South Bank Thames Path, where we will pass many of Britain’s cultural centres, including the Royal Festival Hall; the Hayward Gallery; the National Theatre; the Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge. We will finally arrive at Shakespeare’s Globe, where we will take the guided tour, explaining the details behind the reproduction of the 1599 Elizabethan open-air playhouse and the impact of these staging designs on the structure and performance of Shakespeare’s plays.

Continuing our experience, we will head further into the ancient borough of Southwark, London’s first suburb and the pleasure quarter of Medieval times, arriving at the notable public house, The Anchor. This ancient tavern, which dates from the 1600s, is the pub where Samuel Pepys took shelter from the Great Fire of London and was also patronised by the famous Dr Samuel Johnson, creator and author of the first dictionary. We will then proceed past the site of the ruins of the Bishop of Winchester’s Elizabethan Palace and of probably the oldest prison in England, ‘The Clink’ itself. We will continue walking along Bankside, past the replica of the Elizabethan galleon the Golden Hind’ which completed a perilous journey to the New World in 1581 and led to the captain Sir Francis Drake being knighted upon his return.

We then aim to visit Southwark Cathedral, the site of Shakespeare’s brother’s grave and the location of a memorial to the legendary dramatist himself. There will be a period of free time to visit the adjoining Borough Market, which itself dates from 1014 and remains one of the largest food markets in London, before returning to the agreed theatre of the day, which depending on availability will likely be at the Globe, to see one of Shakespeare’s 37 plays, all of which will be staged this summer as part of the cultural Olympiad.

This trip requires advance booking of theatre tickets so it is best to arrange in advance, through the booking form, with as much notice given to Everso English as possible.

Cost: £200 excludes evening meal

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The Shakespeare Experience

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